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Link to specific image in the Slider


I am building a very simple Photography Portfolio, well at least the appearance is intended to look very simple and straight forward. Its really just a Online Portfolio/Book where you can click left and right. I have 4 pages: book 1, book 2, advertising, contact. This is a completely Static Page with no scrolling any direction.

I am using the Slider to create this Portfolio/Book as I have not found another solution with Webflow. I have been told that the Slider was not really designed for this, but I think the images load fast enough and the user experience is good. The Website will always open with the Slider 1, book 1. Full page image.

I do have some issues and I wonder if they are at all solvable. I’ll start with the main Question.

  • I would like to have an Index Page for each book so my clients have the option to get a quick overview of each “book” without havinig to click through the whole thing.
    The Big Question: When you are on the Index Page I would like to be able to click any Thumbnail and have that linked to the same image in the Slider, which is on a separate page (book 1 for example). Is this possible? I have seen it being done with buttons on the same page as the Slider but not linked to a Separate Page.

See my Read Only link below and also a “mockup” showing what I would like to happen.

Thank you!

PS. Note that Lightbox will not work for me, not the look I’m after.