Linking collection item to Slug

I have a collection list filled with collection items. I want to link those collection items to the corresponding page however I don’t want to use the native Collection Pages because I don’t want them to be templated*. So I wrapped my items in a link container hoping to use that to link to the slug but the slug option doesn’t show up as an option. If I try linking to to a page I’ve built I would have to link every collection item to the same page. Any ideas?

*As I was typing this I realized maybe Collections Pages aren’t necessarily templated.

Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 2.52.40 PM

Here is my public share link: This is more free thought, not sure I need to include a link.

The way to do this would be to create a link field in your CMS, then the link would show up in the ‘get URL from…’ dropdown. Could you explain what exactly you’re trying to achieve with this? Why use a collection when you’re not using the pages?

That worked like a charm. Thanks.

I’m building my portfolio site and want to link cards to case studies. I initially used the CMS to build the cards mostly out of curiosity. At this point I have some scroll interactions and a little javascript to make the cards behave how I want. I don’t want to rebuild those cards, but I want them to go to fairly unique case studies so the collection templates were too limiting. I think the better way in hindsight would have been to use Symbols to build the cards.

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Ok I found the issue if this helps anyone.

The very first time you try to link anything to the blog post slug, you will be in the situation below, and nothing shows up.

But if you click on “Collection Page” (the second icon), THEN the dropdown will show “Current Blog Post” as shown below.

Definitely got me puzzled for a while.

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This is great. Thank you.

Is it possible, however, to build a link to a cms collection page that is dynamically generated based on a cms value?

So for example, I sign up to a blog site and i set my favorite blog to be “cars”. When I log in I now see that my top navigation has all of the usual nav links but now also has “cars” and the when I click the link I go to the cms blog page for “cars”?

I’m not the best guy to answer but I think you are getting into the world of custom javascript. You could probably dig around for some APIs that integrate into Webflow that handle user profile data.