Linking a database to Webflow site

Hi guys, I have zero coding experience and am finding Webflow amazing for its quick and simple tools. However, I can’t find any information on how to link an existing external database to my site and do not want to purchase until I know how difficult/easy this will be. Can anyone advise? Thanks!

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can’t do it. Webflow is front end tool that displays on your browser.

a database is a back end tool that stores information on the server.

you need something that connects (retrieves) the back end to the front end.

you can use php to accomplish this.

--------> that is… unless you know js or use jquery… but I was basing my response on “zero-coding experience”.

as for not purchasing the data…

  • if the data is that useful / helpful
    ---- I’d recommend either learning how to do it or hiring someone to do it for you.
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Set up your database on your external server. Create a PHP script file that will collect data from the database. Build a jQuery/AJAX script on Webflow to connect to that PHP file and get necessary data.

- User clicks on Button
- Button sends event to jQuery script
- jQuery script reads what was clicked and collect all parameters
- jQuery script connects the PHP script and sends all parameters
- PHP read those parameters and creates proper database request
- PHP sends database request and gets necessary information
- PHP collects retrieved data and sends them back to jQuery script
- jQuery script read that data and put them in eg. an array
- jQuery script process the data from array to proper places on Webflow website

This is the way I would do that. You can try it by yourself or hire someone to do that. Don’t forget to explain what exactly do you want to achieve and get from the database that will be displayed on the Webflow website.


Thanks bartekkustra, that’s a massive help. In that case, the jQuery/AJAZ script is the way to go. Also the pseudocode is much appreciated!

Revolution, thank you for the quick and easy explanation, that clarifies things!

Hi Everyone,

I love @webflow, just finished ALL of the tutorials. A bit overwhelmed. Trying to figure out how to integrate it with database. I have very little coding experience.
I realize that database is not an option at this time. I’ve read about Firebase and I wonder if anyone has actually connected @webflow to any type of data base.

I am looking for someone to integrate @webflow front end with backend for myweb site. My website is not built yet, but I do have specifications for the backend part and have very good details on full website operation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

I do database all the time. SQL Server, Oracle, and MySql.

You can get by with MySql.

Are you on a Linux server ?

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@Revolution, I did not select service yet, it can be win or linux. MySQL is preferred as the data I will store is basic (addresses, names, e-mails,some scanned files etc)

I sent you Private Message.

Thanks for your help.


@bartekkustra do you have any examples of a jQuery/AJAX script that does so? and what exactly do you mean by "build it on webflow"? Where would one build that script? I am familiar with PHP and I am in the process of exporting the code and adding my scripting to it, but it would be way better IMO to just have the front end kept on Webflow to make it easier to create changes.