How to connect MySQL Database to a Webflow site

Hello to all, I have a college student group working together on our capstone to create a website that would be used by a multi-purpose cooperative.

We want to add in account creation and management to their profiles so that they would be able to view and access their employee information and so on. We wanted to use MySQL as our database and I was wondering if it would be possible for us to connect even a local database to Webflow? I’ve read a few things here and there that you can’t really use PHP on Webflow but somehow create a Server-side script that might make it work (which I don’t really have experience in yet)

It’s part of the requirements that we have to be able to code the database properly and connect it ourselves and not rely on automation. Hopefully someone could help me on how we could connect our database. Thanks!

Hi @Familiar I have come recently across and it allows connect to Supabase that is postgreSQL. If this is not an issue and you can in your school project use posgreSQL you can give it a shot. Their Free account is pretty as it has were similar UI as WF. You can check their YT channel.

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I’ll take a look into this Stan thanks!

I’d still like to see a way if we could connect MySQL ourselves and somehow make our own codes in to show we did it

You can ask on their discord if MySql is suported.

Alternatively, you can design the site in Webflow and export the HTML & CSS - then host it yourself and directly build in your own database integration / business logic.

If your team knows React, Webflow also has a feature known as DevLink, which allows you to build a React-based UX directly in the Webflow designer, and then build whatever back-end logic you want.

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