LinkedIn Event Tracking

Our client wants to track downloads of a file (via a button) using their LinkedIn event-specific pixel.

We’ve looked on various Webflow forums and two suggestions were made:

  1. Achieve this via Google Tag Manager (already on the site) and were provided with this link as a guide: Use event-specific conversion tracking with Google Tag Manager | Marketing Solutions Help

  2. Through these instructions:

Simply click on your Button or Link, go to All Settings, and go to Custom Attributes. You can name this anything, as long as you have “_” in between each word, no spaces allowed. Then you add the tracking code in the Value below (ref in the image on how this would look like).


We’ve tried Option #2 with no success, but we were curious if anyone has had any success doing this via GTM?


@Charles_Sladdin Love to know if you ever found a solution to this, we’ve just run into same issue :slight_smile:

Hi @Charles_Sladdin @Jon_Quinton I am looking to track successful webflow form submissions from LinkedIn ads. Did you find a solution that worked? If so, could you kindly provide an explanation? Thank you!