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Installing LinkedIn event-specific pixel

Hi Webflow forums goers,

I need to set up an event-specific pixel for Linkedin tracking on button click. This button doesn’t lead users to another URL for success or anything, so I believe I need to add the code to the button itself.

I’ve seen some guides on the forum for Google analytics but nothing specifically for Linkedin, and it looks like they differ in set up. The code I need to add is (removed opening & clothing characters to display):

img height=“1” width=“1” style=“display:none;” alt="" src=“” /

Any help on how to approach this would be massively appreciated - thank you!

Hi there, did you work out how to do this at all? :slight_smile:

Hi AGH - yes I did!

Instead of adding the code via Webflow, I used Google Tag Manager to fire an event when the button was pressed. There are loads of guides on how to set that up, but let me know if you get stuck :slight_smile:


Thanks @JChamms!

Yes after speaking to 6 other developers we’ve come back with the same solution; use Google Tag Manager or success pages. Glad to hear you have the same solution, I think this officialises this!

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Hi JCHamms — I could really use some help or a guide on how to then set that up via Google Tag Manager, anything you could share? :slight_smile:

Hi Lukas, Linkedin has published some pretty straightforward guides that you should be able to follow.

There are a couple of steps you’ll need to take before you can set up the event-specific pixel.

  1. Set up your Google Tag Manager account & add the Linkedin Insight tag:

  2. When that’s working, you’ll need to set up a specific event to trigger when a button is clicked:

The trickiest part is probably setting up the trigger to fire when someone clicks the button you’re trying to track - but let me know how you get on!

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Excellent — thanks so much for sharing. Will give it a go today and update the answer once everything is set up :slight_smile:

Hi foum peeps,

I’ve a question regarding the usage of two LinkedIn Insights Tags (different ID’s) in the same GTM environment.

I’m using one LinkedIn Insights Tag 1 for marketing purposes, and another for Recruitment purposes. Somehow LinkedIn doesn’t recognize the Insights Tag I’ve set up for Recruitment.

Anyone experiend a similar situation in the past and how did you solve it?

I’d like to learn and solve this.

Hey everyone! Replying here to hopefully help everyone who found this while looking for a solution that’s with the Insight Tag instead of Pixel tracking, there’s an even simpler solution than going through Tag Managers.

Simply click on your Button or Link, go to All Settings, and go to Custom Attributes. You can name this anything, as long as you have “_” in between each word, no spaces allowed. Then you add the tracking code in the Value below (ref in the image on how this would look like).


Hey @Hisham_Itani,
What link did you put under the ‘Value’ field? I already have the insight tag code in the global footer right above the tag and want to use a specific button as conversion tracker.
Should I reuse that same insight tag code? It seems counterintuitive to duplicate it… Can you also explain the difference in using pixel vs. insight tag code for button conversion tracking.