How to add LinkedIn event tag to Webflow form button?

Hi there,

I’d like to set up conversion tracking for a LinkedIn campaign. Since the form submissions I’d like to track don’t direct to a thank you page, I have to add a HTML tag to the button. Any advice on how to do this?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @SorenCL what does the tag look like? Is it a script? You might have to add that script and then give the button the class so it knows how to look for the correct button. If you can provide some more information it’ll be easier to help, thanks!

add it too Google tag manager seems to be the answer from everyone I’ve asked on the subject, we have done this and it worked.

As for a script, I’m not sure.


Hi Sören! I know it’s a year late but I’m hoping to be able to help others as well who are struggling with the Insight Tag instead of Pixel tracking, there’s an even simpler solution than going through Tag Managers.

Simply click on your Button or Link, go to All Settings, and go to Custom Attributes. You can name this anything, as long as you have “_” in between each word, no spaces allowed. Then you add the tracking code in the Value below (ref in the image on how this would look like).


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Thanks for helping but it’s not working from my side – maybe I am doing wrong
Also can you please guide me on the link settings before the custom attribute?

Reference image attached