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Link to tab on separate page

i would like to link (navbar) to tab on separate page.

any suggestions?


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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HI @andreswaby add id to your element and point link to this element with full path and on end add #id

id of element: my-tab


but here on forum is lots of articles that solve this kind of request just look around :wink:


thank you @Stan

here’s my issue; i’ve done this before but i’m mentally exhausted but thank you so much for reminding me how-to :smiley:

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Hi @andreswaby glad to help, feel free to mark any response as solution to close this request .

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hi @Stan ,

an extra step to the same query, i have an ID within the tab that i would like to be directed to, is there a way to achieve this?

(this didn’t work but just an idea of what i’m hoping to accomplish)