URL that leads to specific tab on the page

I’ve read several solutions from the Webflow forums about this specific problem, but nothing seems to work for me for some reason… I’m not good with code so maybe that’s why I don’t understand why it DOESN’T work in my particular situation.

I basically want to have an URL that will both open a specific tab on page and slide people to it (similar to linking a section inside page, where you click nav-bar link and it slides to the part of the page)

I’m sure this is possible, but if someone can provide me with updated, clear solution for this I would be forever grateful!

In my read-only, you can see the tabs below :slight_smile:

My read-only page: Webflow - DigitalMarketing.io

For some reasons, tabs don’t work on read-only, but here is the actual page: https://digitalmarketing-io.webflow.io/

Hey Mislav, I don’t have time to search for it just now but in the forum here there was a discussion on this very topic, and a great solution that one of the members posted, that does both the tab select and the scroll.

I can’t recall the details, i.e. whether he was able to make it work smoothly with a #mytab fragment reference, or whether he needed to use a querystring like ?tab=mytab. But do some searching on the posts regarding “select tab”, and you should be able to find that solution written up.