Linking from one tab to a section in another tab

Hi Webflow Community!

I am having some trouble linking items to sections within one page with multiple tabs. From what I have been reading, it looks like the solution requires some custom code. Is it possible to get some help with implementing the code and linking items to sections?

Example of a link I am trying to create: Link an image from the grid projects tab to a section in the featured projects tab.

Thank you in advance!

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Hi @ewareham,

Would you have a screenshot for us to look at ?
So you’d like to link an image that is in one tab to open another tab within the same page ?

Hi @anthonysalamin,

I actually ended up just using a nav to set each tab as a page. I was able to add some custom code, but since all the sections were technically living on the same page, the code wasn’t directing to them smoothly. Thank you for the help though, I would share the link but I have edited since then.

Thanks again!

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