Link to specific tab in a different page inside a specific section

Hello, I would like to link from a button on page 1 to a specific tab on page 2, which is located inside a section, so it needs to go down the page.
I’ve used the code on this post:

and it works, but it gets me to the page’s top instead of the tabs container.

Can someone help?
Thank you!

This is my read-only link:

and this is the website:

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Hello @Naama

Can you tell me where I can find the button? I don’t know the language :smile:

Piter :webflow_heart:

Hi @PiterDimitrov sorry for that…
The button is on this page:
at the bottom of the page:

and it should go to the home page to the ‘projects’ section

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Okey, you need to add the section id right after the tab class > /?tab=websites-design-tab#projects

Piter :webflow_heart:

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@PiterDimitrov you’re the best! I’ve been messing with this issue for few weeks now, didn’t think the solution is so simple!

Thank you!

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No problem! Happy to help :webflow_heart:

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I using this solution but is not working, it is linking to the page but no the right tab and it is now reading the CSS

Can someone help me please!!
Thank you

Hi @lizzydr can you please share your read-only link so I can take a look and help you?

Thank you for your help, I solve it a few days ago.

Hi, I’ve tried for a long time to follow the instructions in this thread and several others ( Link to an anchor & a tab - Design help / General - Forum | Webflow), but I cannot get it to work!

The read-only site examples at many of the links, and many of the other pages are broken or don’t work any more so I cannot see an example unfortunately. I’ve been trying this for weeks now and I’m really stuck. The link/anchor combination only works for the active tab. I can’t get the other one to work.

I’m trying to get the two pink link blocks on the Homepage (Bachelor Program / Master Program) to link to the Heading in the corresponding tab on the Curriculum page. I have assigned classes to the tab links and installed the custom code, but it will only link to the anchor section of the active tab. The other button won’t open the other tab.

Links I have tried (for a combo class [tab] and [xxcurriculum]):