Link to an anchor & a tab

Hi there,

I am designing a website where I would like a Link in the Nav Bar to take the user to both a section and open a specific tab at that point as well.

Can anyone think how to do this?

try the method described at the bottom of this page

Hi there,

Thanks for the advice, I’m using this but it just won’t take me to the section. It’s opening the tab but that’s it.

As I want to make the ‘Join Us’ link in the Nav Bar go to this, I cant rely on the user scrolling to the bottom to see the tab has opened.

My read only link is: if anyone can help.


Add an anchor.


Got it working thank you!

Only issue is, I have an interaction applied to the Join Now nav link also as when it is clicked it shows the correct div in the Contact Us section, but it is now showing until it’s clicked again. Is there a way around this at all?

I think this is because of that the page is reloaded after a click on the link.
I see 2 ways:

  1. Try to find a code for opening tabs without reload page.
  2. Or change an interaction. Make it for an opening tab (not for a navlink) When the tab is opened - showing your interaction.

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