Anchor links and sections with `position: sticky`

Hi everyone,

As you can see on my website’s home page, I have all sections set to position: sticky with a 200px top margin so that each subsequent one scrolls on top of the other. I used an offset div container as the anchor link ID, set 80px above its respective section to avoid the content being covered by the navigation on tablet devices and smaller. However if there are multiple sections on top of the one clicked, then it only scrolls to show 80px of the section directly underneath and not the one 2+ sections underneath. Is there a way to get around this (custom code, interactions instead of anchor links, etc)?

To recreate the issue, go on the (live preview, not the read only mode) click on “Team” under “Who We Are” and then try to navigate back up to (“Unique Benefits” also under “Who We Are”).

Thanks in advance!

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