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Link to section scrolling too far

I’m using a panel of text links to automatically scroll to specific parts of my website when clicked, but for some reason it never scrolls right to the start of the section but always slightly adrift of it?

Is there a better way to get the website to scroll to where I need it precisely because this seems bugged out?

Here is my public share link

The horizontal scroll my be different but with “fixed” nav this usually fixes anchor placement:

I had a look and my left panel navigation that appears when scrolling towards the right is already set to Fixed.


Hi everyone, I’ve just solved my own problem after about 2 weeks of wracking my brain.

So, instead of having large scrolling blocks for my Horizontal website to scroll to, I created 1 Scroll Block containing 20 Smaller Scroll Blocks.

Each small scroll block is sized at 5vw in Height and 100vw in width. (Yes, VW for both.)

The master scroll block was auto width and height set so that it was flexible to the amount of smaller blocks it contained. (It also made copy and pasting infinitesimally easier.)

The DIV hierarchy for each scroll block essentially looked like this:

Scroll Block Master

Small Scroll Block
Small Scroll Block
Small Scroll Block
Small Scroll Block
Small Scroll Block
… I had about 20 in each scroll block master.

I then chose a specific one so I could manually pick where the auto scroll when to rather than an estimated amount based on the software.

So now I have absolute precision with the Auto Scroll to Section on my nav bar.

Hope this helps anyone else out who comes across a similar problem!