How to properly setup a horizontal scroll with link to section

Hi everyone! :slight_smile:

Here’s my project:

I am very close to figuring this one out, but there are a couple things that are above me and I simply can’t understand why they are happening.

So I followed this tutorial: Advanced interactions: Horizontal scroll in Webflow - YouTube on how to make a full page horizontal scrolling section/page. But then, on top of that, I added a hidden vertical scrolling section, with the same height, so that I could have the same amount of hs-items with the id’s for the links in the nav to work, as they can’t normally work on sticky/horizontal sections.

You could say that it is “working”, but for some reason instead of the animation being smooth, everytime you click on a link it kinda snaps for a frame or two and then it takes you there smoothly. Also, you have to play with the interaction exiting offset to align the place where the link takes you vs where the section actually starts, as it changes in every single section.

Any help on how I could sort thee things out would be greatly appreciated, thank you all!