Nav anchor link scrolling not scrolling to proper section on large screen breakpoints

I have a nav with anchor links that scroll to its respective section when clicked. It works perfectly on the base desktop breakpoint and below; however it does not scroll to the top of the section when on large breakpoints (1280px +).

Am I doing something wrong? I do not have any custom code on the site.


Here is my public share link: LINK

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Hey Aalok,

It seems, judging from the public share link you gave, that in the meantime you managed to solve this problem! I checked and it worked on the highest breakpoint.

As I have the exact same problem as you, could you tell how you did it ?

Thanks a lot !

Nevermind, I managed to find the bug in the meantime. For me it was that on bigger breakpoint I had set a z-index of -1 on the nav menu. I’ve reset it back to auto instead, and it worked all of a sudden.