Link to section on another page not working

Hi everybody! I’m trying to link to a section on another page and although I’ve read the same instructions in several different places, and followed the instructions I believe exactly, it’s not working. I just get 404 error.

I added the ID “reachthepeak” to the section I want to link to and selected “section” on the appropriate drop-down menu.
I added the link “” to the button I want to link from.
I triple checked for spelling errors.
I published my changes, since I have to use an external link when linking to the section on another page.
I’ve tried
I’ve tried
I’ve tried

None of those combinations works, even after publishing the changes. I’ve read the instructions:

I can’t get it to work and I can’t think of anything else to try. Help!

The button in question is located on the Services page in the Video section. The section it’s supposed to link to is on the portfolio page in the section titled “12-Month Energy Savings challenge”

My public share link and the live site link are below.

Thank you for helping!

Here is my public share link:

The live site is

Ok i found the problem. I had renamed the pages in the page settings, but I had NOT renamed the slugs to match, so when it was linking, it was linking to the new page names, but webflow wasn’t seeing them because the slugs were still named with the old page names.