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Need "Open in new tab" option for links created in Rich Text Blocks

Hi WeflowStaff, @thesergie

Having such feature is very important for a blogger. You have to credit, you have to make promotion, you get interviews, etc. etc. only when you promise to set-up an external link in your blog or credit on Social Media etc.
Now if I do that, without “open in new tab” my website is totally gone if visitors use the links, so I have to remove theme,

example at the moment with 3 links (I didn’t launch site yet):

I really hope on a reaction, from you and maybe can you give a timeline :smile:

Many, many thanks for an answer, I maybe not the only blogger (potential clients of webdesigners) with this problem.

Masha danki, :sunny:
Grtzzz Corine


I need this too. A client wondered why it was not available in the link-creation on the CMS.

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Thanks for reply @Tomas_Coox, such a relieve that I’m not the only one with this issue. I think it’s a “must have” for Bloggers. grtzz

Hi @corine, thanks for the post. At the moment, the links you create in the rich text field does not give you the ability to open a link in a new tab. The wish list item you posted addresses that.

You can however add a link field to your blog post, and when you create a link in the link field, that link can be set to open in a new tab when you are designing the template layout or when adding a link to a dynamic list on a static page.

I hope this helps. When there is an update to the wish list for opening links created in the rich text field, that post will be updated.


Thanks @cyberdave for your answer.

Although I read the topic you are referring on, but not a native speaker english.

But what I don’t get, If you create such a link, it’s only possible to set this on the template lay-out? Or within the rich-text. Does it means that the same link shows up under all my blogpost?

I need to choose within Every blogpost for internal/external linking, is a must have for the bloggers-world.

Anyway, thanks for your answer, I wait when the update comes :-), tropical greetz, Corine

Hi @Corine, you can add a link field in your blog collection, and then when you create the layout for a dynamic list or dynamic template page, you can add a text link to your page and bind it to the link field from your collection. When doing that, you can update the link settings to open the link in a new tab:

It is not possible yet to set a link in the Rich Text Editor to open in a new tab yet.


thanks @cyberdave, for answer. Hope it will be possible to “open in new tab soon in rich text”, I looking forward for that :-).

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