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Ability to set link targets in rich text fields

@thesergie - new post created!

Whilst I am typing in my Post Body field (Rich Text Field) within my Blog Post Collection, I want to create some links that open in a new tab and others that don’t. So there are two types of links that operate differently. Is this possible? How can one differentiate between which link is which when typing in the Post Body field.

Here’s the read-only share link:




Thanks Dan! We have plans to provide this type of functionality in the Rich text field.

To be extra clear: Setting “open in a tab” or “open in same page” is currently not supported for links inside of rich text fields.


Ok - well, I thought this specific issue actually applied directly to the comments made in the other post:

But, as you wish, here’s the same message to you here:

Thanks @thesergie

However, while it seems that the link within the Rich Text Field can be styled in this way, there doesn’t seem to be an option to open the link in a new tab or not within the settings. Is this actually the case or am I missing something?

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I’m definitely eager to get this feature added also! :smile:

I would also like to see this implemented!

Are there any updates or clue as to when this feature will be implemented. I have a very demanding client who would very much like this functionality.


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