Link to external link

I created CMS collection to show my 4 works in my portfolio.
I would like to make 3 of them link to an internal page. But one of them links to an external link.

I tried to change from here:

When I changed one of them into an external link, but the rest of them also change to an external link.

Hey, Helen. The way to do what you want is create in CMS “Link” field and custom for all library items write an link address what you want. For example for CMS item link you may take here:

The link address you mentioned is restricted by webflow’s link.
But I want to link my project to an external link ( ex. Medium).

Maybe you do something wrong?)

Here live collection with custom links: Link to external link

Here projects playground (look at list of page your page “Link to external link”:

Your solution is great but will not work for him (He want 3internal pages and one extrnal “new window” page). Of course manually he could write the link for each page (But this is not DRY).

@helen880201 the external link should open in new window?

Why not creating two collection (and use limit or “filter”).

Create Switch field - link type (internal & external ) - Create two lists (under webflow tree = HTML) - one "show only if “link type” is set. And the other the opposite.

Another option is to filter by “External URL” is set (In my opnion its better to create logical feild).

Summary: One colletcion - one radio button - two collection list under webflow tree (HTML) - done.