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Link does not connect to collection item page

When clicking on an image the website does not link me to the project page. What am I doing wrong?


Hi again, still on my iPad. If you want the image to link to the collection page the image needs to be inside a link block, then the link Block can be set up to point to the collection

But when doing so the text can only be placed underneath an image. Is it possible to place the image inside the link including the text over it? It does not seem possible.

Make the link Block a container for all you have in the grid box.
Use the link block as a container for all fields/objects

I tried that a couple of different ways

Ok what’s the problem

By the way you can set the link Block to flex

It stacks on top of each other. I also tried to have the link the 100% width and height and with the image as a background.

You cannot have a flex when having a collection, right?

If your image is. aBG then you have to make the link block 100% of your grid box and put the other fields/object inside the link block

You can always set an object to flex

done but it seems not working

I think I did all of what you suggest I could do

Is the link block 100% width and 100% height of the grid box and have you set up the link Block to refer to the collection page with current …

yes, done it, done .

And nothing happens?

yes, but webflow stay amazing of course but yes


Ok give me a min and I will go to my computer, iasume the preview link is the same

Well, if you have time of course, it is very late and maybe you discover I made a stupid mistake or something

So, please, only when it does not take you too much time

Ok you have DIV covering your grid that’s why the linkblock is not working. What is the reason you jave the Center block div?

try remove that and it will work do you need it?