Link my Ecommerce shop to my Navbar


I am trying to link a navlink in my navbar to my ecommerce page.

I am able to link my CONTACT and ABOUT page in my navbar, but I am unable to link my SHOP to my ecommerce page.

This seems like such an easy task but I am finding it impossible to do. What am I doing wrong!?

Hey Finn,

So the reason you are not able to link it to actual Product page ( Here is an image of what page I think you are reffering to)
Screen Shot 2020-11-27 at 11.23.26 AM
is that you actually need to add a collection list with Link nested inside instead of just a Link. The reason why it works like that is because this Products Template is Not a specific page, it marks a group of pages that are created through CMS and have same layout with different content. That means that you can not link only to page called products template but rather to a page insidee of products template tthat will show a specific product. Here is an image of what I mean by it not being a page on it’s own but rather more of something like a folder

You could set it up by using collection list wrapper with link nesteed in it to link to a specific page insidee of that " folder" , for example to Handcrafted Rubber Bacon ( By filtering thee cms to show only that item).

Ofcourse you can force a link by visiting the page you want to lead into from chrome and putting link inside of link block but that woulld defeat the purpose of CMS.

Let me know if anything is unclear beecause this is kinda hard to explain in short text.

Webflow Experts at Flow Ninja Support Team!

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Hey themikic! Thanks for this answer you posted about an year and a half ago :grin: what do you mean by

“you actually need to add a collection list with Link nested inside instead of just a Link” ???

I need to do the texact same thing but still cannot understand what needs to be done, could you ellaborate a little bit more on the steps to follow?