Link in symbole is not update


I link the arrow on the footer to topPage(id) section.
Its work for me but not updating all pages.

any solution for this?


Here is my site Read-Only:

I would imagine that this is because you are trying to link to a specific page section. Although you’ve called your “topPage” section the same on all pages, they’re still different sections.

That said, I’ve not tried to use an anchor link within a symbol before, so I’m happy for someone else to jump in and tell me that I’m wrong!


thanks for your replay,
so we will waiting for another answers :slight_smile:

Cant find a interaction set to this ‘arrow’. So it won’t work.

at the home page i have an interaction for link to section. and its work…
the problem is that is not update on another pages

I can see that you’ve closed the read-only link. Did you solve your problem?


this is the link

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