Link to top of page resets itself


I have a “to top” link to the header section in every page and I thought they work well, until I got feedback they don’t . Each time I re-assign them manually, but they reset themselves. For instance, if I assign the link to take me to header in the PRINT page, then it doesn’t work on DIGITAL page. And so on.

Please help. Thanks!


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It works fine on my hand.
Tested several pages (not all) and your “back to top” link always worked fine.

Since you use “Top Arrow” as a symbol, when you define its link to be a Page Section, it will always search for the same div ID in its current page. In your case it’s always searching for ID “Header”. So as long as you have this ID “Header” in a page, it should work fine.

One little glitch maybe : editing the symbol “Top Arrow” seems to always reset the page section link setting… it might be a little webflow bug… But as long as I set it up once, and that I don’t edit the symbol, it seems to work perfectly.

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Hi pixelemotion! Thanks for taking the time to check it out. I have an element HEADER in each page, but it only works in the section I repair. The other two stop working.

I had an initial HEADER symbol that I duplicated into HEADER DIGITAL, HEADER PRINT and HEADER IDENTITY, so each time I repair the to-top link in any of the pages under a section (digital, print, id), all the other to-top arrows outside that section stop working. I guess that’s the logic, but I don’t know to translate in in Webflow’s way of thinking - although in any header instance there is a “header” element. I could break all the symbol’s instances but then i will have to manually replace them with each header/menu update.

Thanks again for checking this, I’ve also asked someone else to try some pages and they don’t work. I’ve published the website again, this time repairing the pages under the Print section - and Digital and Identity are not working. Can you confirm if one digital and one identity project work for you?



Quick question : did you try to publish the site and then test it live ? (I mean not in the preview mode)

Tested again, worked again :slight_smile:

Hi pixelemotion, you’re right. In the preview it works. However, in the published version it doesn’t work for me:

Thanks for helping out :pray:


Hi again,

So it seems that if I have multiple header symbols (one for each section, and each with it’s own “header” element as an anchor), I have to create a top link arrow symbol for each.

I ended up doing this manually :thinking: but it’s not effective.