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New navbar page link not resetting

Hey everyone, Webflow newbie :woman_facepalming:t2: Site hasn’t been finished yet but I have a loose framework up and running in the meantime and encountering this problem again and again -

I remade my ‘contact’ page and changed the links in my navbar. However, on the published site when you press the ‘contact’ button it takes you to the old version of the page (named ‘contact backup’) which is now deleted and therefore comes up blank.

I can’t see any reason why it’s not linking to the new ‘contact’ page as I’ve gone through and reset all the corresponding links on every navbar on every page and it confirms that I’ve done this. When I check in designer what version of the page the navbar is set to, it indeed says ‘contact’ not ‘contact backup’ which is what it should be. I did the exact same process when I created the new ‘Penny’ page and it worked perfectly.

Apologies if this is really obvious! Would greatly appreciate any help :pray:

Page link

Hi Katie,

I’ve checked the links but couldn’t find a reason.

Have you tried to republish the project?

Yes lots of times. I’ve also tried deleting the ‘contact’ link altogether and putting it in again, as well as duplicating the page and relinking that.

Thanks very much for having a look, appreciate it!

Any old redirects in the project settings?

Nope! I’ve since tried duplicating a new page + a new navbar at the same time, to no avail - link takes you to ‘contact backup’ again and again.

Update: I took this idea but instead of deleting a redirect, I created one. It’s worked, so thank you! /contactbackup now redirects to /contact

No idea why it should need to redirect at all but regardless, success! Thank you very much :blush:

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