Link Cloaking for Affiliate

Hey all. I’ve been looking into solutions for Link Cloacking, aka the practice of hiding your affiliate link to make it more appealing to click on and for SEO reasons. So, for example: to:

For Wordpress there are tons of options, but I don’t see any options for Webflow. I know 301 redirects are a option, but that will get messy real quick when I add hundreds of links.

Or could I use for this as well?

Would be great to hear from you!
Thanks <3

Perhaps you could change URL with a script on click?

Basically have a regular link with an ID and then on click prevent default behaviour and change the link to the affiliate one?

WordPress is a dynamic application whereas Webflow is static generated pages. Meaning you have to rely on another tool for obfuscating links and tracking. There are plenty to choose from when searching the net, you just have to choose a tool that lets you manage the links externally.