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Is obfuscation link or cloaking for SEO reason possible with Webflow?

Hi all,

For SEO reason would like to hide to Google some link in my navbar and footer.

My website is host in the webflow service
1)because of my hosting in Webflow I guess I can’t do cloaking because I need to have access to the server am I right?
2)for the obfuscation I tried with custum code to transform a “a href” on span and convert the URL in base64, use javascript for the obfuscation, then use css to simulate the real link.

I find the code online and pretty convinced the code is not the problem. I copy paste it on the body custum code in project setting and all i can is the code itself at the bottom of my page.

So have u find a way to make link obfuscation or cloaking with webflow?

It’ll be sad if there is no solution because it s frustrated when u work with some topic cluster to know that for google u have a crappy netlinking just because u have a navbar and a footer with few links

Thanks all and I wish you the best for 2022 :slight_smile:

Google bots can read and parse JavaScript since they are just headless versions of Chrome. Since you can’t run server-side code on a hosted site, I would say that limits your options.

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hi @webdev

Thx for your answer!

i guess with converting the URL with base 64 it can still “fool” Google.
So far, I did (find a code online) put my “mentions legales” with span instead of a href link, convert the url with base 64 and use javascript for the obfuscation but now i just have 2 mention legales with the one modified behind my footer.

Do u have any tips to replace my mention legales by the good one (the one obfuscated) with css?