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Link block not showing up

I’m trying to create a link to an email address with an image in the background but for some reason it’s not showing up in preview. Everything with settings, style, etc. looks correct so I’m completely lost on why it isn’t appearing.

In the designer:

In preview:

I’d like to position it within this email form so it’s in line with the submit button (as pictured). Just in case that was the problem I’ve moved it to other areas of the page but it still isn’t appearing. What am I missing?


If you use a background image you have to set the height of the div or link block element to have a set height attribute otherwise it will collapse to zero height on publish or preview. Webflow props them open with a minimum height in the designer to allow drag and drop and to make the element visible until you fill it with content or set a height attribute.

Give it a height of 75px and see if that sorts the issue.


I tried entering a height and it worked! All images are visible now. Many thanks for your help.

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