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Link image not showing up in preview

I have placed a link image on my page and after adding an image to it It does not show when i hit preview.I"m not sure what is wrong and why the nav bar works but other link box images do not show up.

What’s a “link image”?

If you used a Link Block widget and add an image as a background image on it, it’s normal nothing shows up. CSS background is a property of the link block element, but it doesn’t count as content, so the element has dimensions 0,0 and don’t show up… For the element to get dimensions and thus be displayed, drag an Image widget in it, instead of giving it an image background. The element will get the dimension you set for the image.

Or if you put anything else in your link block, like a paragraph of text, a title, it will display. But you’ll have difficulties to make your image show up entirely. Preferable to drag an image widget in the link block widget.

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