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Blocks with background images are missing on preview or publish

i just published my web site and aome elements are missing (though not missing on dashboard).
This elements are div block pictures inside a row.

Hi, check that your Display property is not set to hidden. Also, if you are using an interaction where the initial display is set to hidden, make sure you have a step in your interactions that make the item visible again.

If you share your public link for your site, (enable that from site settings page) then we on the forum can look more to help you.


Hi, thanks for a quick respond.
The hidden elements (rows) don’t have any interaction.

This is the link:

I hope you will be able to detect the problem easily.

Thanks allot

Hey @yael if you add background images to empty elements, those elements will disappear when you preview or publish because their have no height. It’s better to use normal images, but if you do want to use background images you’ll have to set a width and height on the element in order for it to “have content” and not collapse.

In web design div blocks are always as tall as the content inside of them. Background images aren’t considered content, but just style added to the block. So you have to specify a width and height if you don’t want it to be bound by the content height (which in your case is 0).

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Thanks allot! :smile:

Hey @thesergie Hope all is well. Quick question to your comment. In order for a block not to be consider empty, I need to apply a width? If that is the case, why when i have applied a width to a block is it still collapsing to zero? I want the block to keep the width I gave it and not collapse. Any suggestions? Thanks!


Here’s the link to the site: (its the Users Page under Setup link in the top nav)

The element has to have a height in order to not collapse (that’s what happens to html elements when they don’t have content or a height. (Height can also be created with padding and border).

Hope that helps!