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Link block elements are not showing underline in preview mode

Link block has text underlining by default but it usually does not get displayed if you put a text block inside it. It does shown upon publishing, though, on mobile devices at least. (Even images get underlined). Is this a bug? I think that if elements in a link block get underlined by default, that underlining should be displayed.

That is default link block behavior. To fix this simple go into the link block’s class and in the text category press no outline. Then everything should be fine.

Hope this helps.

I am already doing this, the problem is that the underlining usually does not get displayed in preview. This is why I posted under the “Bugs” category.

Can you share your Webflow Share link so we could take a closer look?

Well, for example, on this site: the logo displayed with a blue underlining on mobile devices, but did display without any underlining in preview, before I removed the underlining from Typography.

Another example is the tabs widget - the tab buttons are link blocks by default, they have the underlining turned on by default, but the preview does not show any underlining of text inside tab buttons.

Hi @uzzer - thanks for bringing this to our attention. You’re definitely right - this feels a bit buggy to me.

I’ve not experienced this exact issue before - can you please post screenshots of a before and after showing the visible error?

Also, please include your browser and OS info/version number so I can test accordingly.

More info on bug report guidelines here: How to submit a bug report

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I have noticed the behaviour on mobile devices during usability tests and as I dislike smartphones, I am not able to reproduce it right now :frowning: I think, I have also noticed it on site export.

But then, it is all evident with the tab widget even on desktop - the default text in default tab buttons is not underlined, regardless of browser and OS, is it?

I’ve noticed some inconsistencies with behavioral conventions with the underlining of the links, but I’ve not yet seen a case where the Designer/Preview show (A) and the published site shows (B).

Do you have any examples of this error in the form of a screenshot?

As for the expected link behavior, you’re correct - I’m discussing how we can make all links behave more predictably.

I will post here, as soon as I can reproduce it on a mobile device.

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