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I cannot edit/remove underline from link - STILL

with all my links i have been creating, new and inherited in style - I didn’t have problems… till now. Here is a link to video:

so I was searching for a solution in the forum, and I found that this bug hasn’t been fixed:
How to remove the underline in text links? - I did what was described in comments - but it didn’t work.
Can't remove the underline from text block - no solution no solution

I’ve added another class. I tried everything… and still don’t know how to do it.

I cannot share read link, but I can show everything I can.

Have you tried adjusting the text styles for your link block called “Next”?

Yes yes, I did!
I just want to report a bug, because it should have an underline option turn ON, but it isn’t - and this is a bug.
If we click on the “X” option:
even if it’s “on” then the underline vanishes. So it is an interface bug still.

Can you include your read-only link so I can take a closer look? I don’t doubt it’s a bug, but it never hurts to get some other eyes on the specific implimentation.

That said, I recommend reporting all bugs using the Webflow Support page, or in the Designer by going to the Question Mark Icon > Help & Feedback > Send us feedback or a help request.

The community is mainly other users who have limited ability for support and unfortunately I’ve found that the Webflow team is less likely to respond to bugs mentioned here unless it’s a widespread issue.

Well, i cannot show you read-only link, because I cannot show anyone this project.
But I will record a film for you guys.

I definitely see some strange behavior in the video, although a read-only link is really the only way anyone will be able to look more closely into the issue. That said, it looks like your recording shows you removing the underline at the end, so I’m guessing the issue can be fixed by overriding the style (even though it shows it’s not being applied)?

Without a read-only link, it’s going to be difficult for anyone here in the community to help out with the issue or provide more info as to why it may be happening. I’d imagine Webflow Support will ask for the same link, so at some point someone will need to take a closer look into the issue.

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