A weird underline below text in a link block

I’m working on my live portfolio .

I was doing various changes in a symbol and suddenly, the text for the symbol has a weird ‘underline’. But neither on Webflow nor on the browser with inspect can I figure out where it is coming from.

And if I add a proper underline just to test it, it looks very different
CleanShot 2022-02-06 at 18.27.36

Any clues what this could be? I look at this very carefully for at least two hours and can’t figure it out.

Same thing happening to me today. :sleepy:

Something worked for me.

Apparently even when ‘underline’ was not activated at all in the typography > style > decoration panel, I clicked it and then clicked ‘none’ and the underline went away.

Again, very weird because I tried clicking ‘underline’ on and off before and that didn’t work. Only until I hit ‘none’ it went away.

Even weirder considering I couldn’t see the underline being inherited or even assigned using inspect in the live website.

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