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Underline for RT

Editors must underline text in RICH TEXT block.

I am unable to make this happen, please fix soon.

hitting CTRL+U works,

BUT underline is not on the option menu, can you please include underline formatting in GUI so eidtors are not confused


CTRL+U does not render on live page.
After publishing, all CTRL+U underlines are removed.


Hi, this is not a bug. You can ask for more features on the wishlist, please connect, find an existing idea to vote for, and if you don’t, create a new one.

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How to publish ‘<‘u’>’ underline text ‘<’/u’>'in CMS rich text block?

Generally speaking, it’s not a great idea to underline non-hyperlinked text on the web. It’s a universal signal for “this is a link,” so it’ll likely confuse a lot of readers.


How do I have editors write ‘<‘u’>’ Content ‘<’/‘u’>’ into Rich text html while editing Rich Text CMS? (links ahve color text links, not underline). It works on all pages. except CMS rich text block.

Hey @miekwave, Rich text fields don’t currently support underlines, so I’m afraid I can’t provide you with a way for your site editors to do that.

I would also urge you to consider rethinking these stylistic choices around links and underlining. In addition to my previous note about underlining usage, only using color to indicate links is an inaccessible design practice. Those with color blindness or other color perception issues may be unable to perceive those links. Check out WebAIM’s guidelines on links.


I get what you’re saying and have relayed that. However this is from a legacy wordpress blog and transposing it to webflow is fine, except for underline text. They want to insert ‘<‘u’>’ underline text in editor.

(the color linked text underlines on hover ineraction)

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