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Hi guys, I tried to recreate the blog template page in my site to get a solid base to work from. There is one small thing I can’t get working. That is the overlay on the Featured Post. Mine is not transparent. In the template it is transparent. All settings seem exactly the same, but I am probably overlooking something somewhere.

Here are some snapshots. The top one is the how it looks in the Template blog post. Then comes mine with the flower in the background. Below the pictures is a snapshot of the gradients. The Template has little blocks on the right next to the word Linear Gradient, mine has not.

It is the page Blogs in the directory Welkom

Here is my public share link:
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Edit each of the two colors of the gradient, and for each, add transparency.

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Thanks @vincent,

I had to think hard where to find those colors, but I got it. Not so obvious to click these little sliders. Well, I guess if you really know what linear gradient actually means, you might start looking for the two colors right away and click ahead. I am pretty new to Webflow, and not a tech. There seem many things to be discovered and not always obvious to find out how it works just by myself. But exploring new territory is also exciting.

Much appreciated!

Hi @Wim,

the UI is pretty much the exact same as in graphic programs like photoshop or illustrator. If you want to get serious with webdesign, you will need to master at least one of those programs anyway. So this will go the other way as well. You now also know how to apply a gradient in photoshop and illustrator.


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Thanks @Karl-Heinrich,

Ok, good to know. I am not coming from graphic design indeed.

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