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Gradient color overlays

How can one make gradient color overlays over images or as backgrounds to sections? I haven’t found anything in the help videos. Gradient overlays are rather useful and pretty common on websites all around.

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With transparency I should have added…so: a gradient that goes from transparent to color with opacity control.

omg, i need stronger coffee. what i’m after is already possible in webflow. sorry y’all. yay!!!

Haha, good :slight_smile:

I’ll give you a tip for transparent gradients: it’s often overlooked to set the same opaque color on both ends of the gradient before altering opacity. For example, I often see black to transparent gradients, with the color set on the transparent side that’s not black… it’s important. If you don’t do that, your gradient is weirdly grayish in the middle.

Hope this helps!

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ahhhh ok i will follow this tip!!!

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