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Add solid color in transparency over image

Hello guy’s,

im new here and have a short question :slight_smile:
How can i add a solid color ore gradient over an image -
i have tried it a few times with the background function, but
it doesnt work in my case.

Maybe you can have a look what im doing wrong.

Thank you!

Here is my public share link:


but you have that in Hero Section :slight_smile:

From what I’ve seen on your page you add images.
What you should do is to add a div block, style it, give it some dimensions (for example 500×500px) and THEN give it a background image (from the styling panel). Then you can apply gradient or solid color, add transparency and so on…

Hope it helped :slight_smile:

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first of all it looks really good.
secondly just go for the solutions given by kampa. Add dimension first then give it background image then gradient and then transparency.
Here’s my app on Indian GST guide. have a look :

Thanks Michal, thanks Arjun, you helped me a lot with this one!

In general: for styling images, i need to put them into a div block?

For this project i have another issue: I cant add a logo on the header.
Every time i add a logo in the pre- set Navbar, i cant see it in the preview mode.
You know whats going on?

Have a nice day!

Hi Tom, I’m having the same issue with the logo. How did you fix that one?

Hay Jens, i didn’t fixed that yet.
First i worked on the other issue and continued with the site.
But i will keep you updated when i find a solution.

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