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Limit to parent element

It would be extremely useful to have “limit to parent element” in interactions as well as “limit to nested” and “limit to sibling”.

More often than not I have multiple elements which share the same class which I want to control independently from within themselves.

For example, multiple windows with a close button which sits inside them. At the moment it’s impossible to do this without having a unique class for each and every window unless I’m missing something.


No answer to this?
Is there already a way of doing what I describe?
If not this should be a top priority, I’m surprised that the functionality hasn’t been there from the beginning, it’s lack is extremely limiting.

Can you provide a public link or example for this type of functionality? I personally have not noticed any limitations here so I cannot attempt to comment on it.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have the “limit to parent element” option as you described, but of course, in them meantime, using your example… Just wrap the item you want to close and the button that closes it in a plain div. Then the button and the item become sibling elements, and you can use “limit to sibling” elements.

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there’s no example, I’m just asking for “limit to parent element” in the interaction options

but what about the enclosing div? that will still be present after hiding everything else and will disrupt the layout

If you set the enclosing div to have a padding of 0, then it will collapse right along with whatever you’re hiding.

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I’ve been trying to find a solution using an enclosing div and it’s an absolute nightmare and overcomplicated. This would be so simple with “limit to parent”