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Limit site width

Hey there

I am designing a site that is full width of the viewport most of the time

I understand some about the breakpoints, but how would i go about adding a breakpoint so that when viewport is wider than 1920 in a 16x9 ratio that it wont go any wider, just padding added in?

I’ve seen vertical monitors with pixels wider than 1920, so I only want to limit the width growth on a horizontal viewport… so would there be a way to add that in breakpoints? since I only see width

Hey there @mapleshilc.

If I understand your question correctly, then what you need to do is place your site’s content inside a container. You can then centre your container elements and give them a max-width (for example, 1200px).

Check out the official Webflow lesson on containers -

NOTE: Instead of using Webflow’s default container element (which is quite restricted), I’d recommend just using a regular div-block and giving it a class of .container :smiley:

Hey Oli, thanks for reaching out

I think I typed my question while my head was spinning around the topic.

my is a 1 page site with a few 100VH stacked on top of each other

each 100VH section is scroll snapped, so you cannot scroll halfway

the problem becomes, 100VH on a phone maybe 1080p wide, but on a vertical monitor its 1920p wide

so i would want a vertical layout of my page on the 1920p wide vertical monitor, but the breakpoint seems to be only responsive to the width of the monitor, not the w/h ratio, so the problem is not just to limit the container size, but to actively changing it depends on the VH orientation rather than the Viewport width?

i think i made the question more confusing