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Breakpoint is not really a breakpoint?

Hey guys

Pretty new to webflow here, but have some limited experience in css and HTML before.

So my question in the title would expand to this:

The breakpoint in webflow designer seems to only react to the width of the viewport, taken no regards of the device’s orientation and width/height ratios, is there a “simple” way to add it?

*simple as in not having to overwrite existing css

For those still interested in my question, here is the long version:

I am building a website currently as a one-pager style website
each section in this one-pager is 100VH and 100VW
so in some sections, where the layout is critical (they are always critical)
they don’t really work on all viewports.

example would be, the iPad pro (portrait) mode would be 1024x1366
but the since there is no responsiveness on “portrait” or “landscape” the website shows the base breakpoint
so I would actually want the website to show the more “portrait” version of the layout rather than the base breakpoint

but if I build a custom breakpoint at 1024 pixels, the normal iPad gets screwed up. the normal iPad’s landscape size is 1024x768, which makes it display the portrait mode.

and due to the fact that I use the webflow designer on a 5120 x 1440 monitor, I cant properly adjust the 100VH for all layouts (I think someone suggested a canvas with height adjustments in the wishlist) but in the meantime, does anyone have any solutions? or suggestions?