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Lightbox Picture over fixed navigation

Is there no solultion for this topic. i have the same problem

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Hi Toby,

Have you tried setting the z-index to something bigger than the navbar’s z-index like it was suggested on that topic? That should do the trick.

I have it. I set the z-index of the navbar at 9000. i think its too much for the lightbox. if i set it to 1.000 or 10 the ligth box is over all my graphics.

But setting it to 9000 fixes the issue? It’s irrelevant what number you put there, It can be 1001 or 9999 or 1000000, as long as it’s higher than the one your lightbox has.

yes. if i set the z-index of my fixed navigation bar to 2001 the lightbox image is under the navation bar. if i set the z-index of my navigation bar to 2000, the lightbox image is over my navigation.

thats strange, but it works. perhaps webflow have a limit for lightbox z-index? i don’t now. :slight_smile:


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