Lightbox... again

I have purposely avoided the webflow lightbox

  • and instead have opted to a use a custom jquery lightbox

because it lacks some features.

Recently… I decided to give it another try

  • hoping… some things had been fixed.

Maybe someone can tell me how to increase the z-index of the modal lightbox window

  • so that it appears ABOVE a fixed-position navbar ???


Ouch, that’s a tough one. You might be able to add some custom code to the lightbox and maybe change the z-index. Maybe? I’ve customized lightbox elements before by making a hidden page with divs using the same names. They all start with “w-lightbox-xxxxx”.


There’s probably more you could find my inspecting the code.


thanks :smile: . I’ll give it a try…

but for the demo today… I need to get it running asap…

  • so (for the time being) back to jquery for a quick fix.


have you looked at the published site in the Chrome inspector to see what the z-index of the nav is at runtime? Could you share a link to the published site?

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