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Menu showing above lightbox issue

Hi guys, I have a problem on my site. My ligth box when clicked is underneath my fixed menu. I put the z-index 9999 but it does not solve because the ligthbox was going to go over the menu. How can I solve this …

veja no link

Hi @Gustavo_Pimentel,

Could you share your read-only link please and possibly some screenshots of where you’re having the problem. I’ll gladly take a look at this for you.

Not at home, it’s on the page legitimo-estefano. Thank you for helping me.

The lightbox by default has a z-index of 2000, so you’re telling the Navbar to be absolutely above everything else no matter what.

The Z-index figure for your Navbar doesn’t need to be 9999. Unless you have 9998 more elements requiring a z-index lower than that.

Set the z-index of the Navbar to around 50, or even just 10, and that will be more than enough and solves your issue.

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Spectacular my friend, it worked just like you said. Many, many thanks!

I’m a designer, if you need anything I can help you, tell me!

I came from Adobe Muse and was sad because it will discontinue … today I am very happy here in WEBFLOW and I can not imagine using adobe anymore.

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You’re very welcome. You’ll always have great support from Webflow and the community which is why I love it so much also!

Welcome :webflow_heart:

cool! :smiley::smiley::smiley:

Hi guys, I’m having a similar issue. The full image of the lightbox is not showing as the navbar comes in the way. I’ve set my z-index for my navbar to 10 but it still seems to look odd.

Here’s my read-only link.