Lightbox modal + sticky nav issue

Is there an answer to this issue?
I’d like to continue this thread from How to Make Lightbox Modal Open Above Fixed Nav

I have the same issue where if I make the sticky navigation’s z-index lower than the lightbox’s z-index, the lightbox modal works perfectly when clicked, but the thumbnails will go over the sticky nav when the modal isn’t open. But if I make the sticky navigation have a higher z-index, the nav covers up part of the image and the close icon when the modal opens. Does this need custom code to work? Any help would be much appreciated! :pray:

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Hey NCmar! The issue with the positioning of a lightbox modal and a sticky navigation in Webflow may be related to the z-index settings. One solution is to adjust the z-index settings of the lightbox modal and the sticky navigation to ensure that they are positioned correctly. Another solution is to use custom code to achieve the desired positioning of the lightbox modal and the sticky navigation. Try this

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Thank you for responding ankitparmar! I think the problem I’m having is figuring out which element controls the modal? Anytime I try changing the z-index on “lightbox link” the problem continues to persist because it also controls the thumbnails. Is there a way to just change the modal’s z-index without custom code? Maybe I’m just missing it. Thanks!