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Lightbox Over Fixed Navigation

Hi all!

I have a fixed navigation with interactions. I also have 3 Lightbox links. The problem is that the top navigation it’s overlapping the slideshows whenever I open them. I tried setting the z-index higher for the lightbox links but didn’t work. I’m wondering it’s because of the interactions?

I appreciate all the help!

Here is my public share link:

Okay, I’ve got this.

For some reason, you’ve set ridiculously high Z indexes for your nav menus. I lowered then to 5 and 4 and it works perfectly. It seems that the lightbox index by default is something lower than 2000 or 3000, making it “lose” to the nav menu.

You could have solved that problem using animations: when you click on the lightbox image, the navbar would become transparent, and then when you leave the lightbox, it would get its opacity back.

Anyways, now that we figured out the problem, let me just write down the fix in a simple manner:

1) Give the "navtrans " class a Z-Index of 4
1) Give the “Nav Bar menu” - “Port” combo-class a Z-Index of 5

And voilá, your problems are solved.

I hope this helps. Have a great day my fried!

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