Lightbox not displaying images on Mobile breakpoints

Hi all,
This is driving me nuts… I have a lightbox component linked to a multi-image field of a CMS collection. Works fine on desktop and tablet breakpoints, but for some reason it won’t display the full size images on mobile breakpoints.
For privacy reasons I can not share the link to the view-only project (the site is already published and there are lots of pages and sensitive info).

In these two screen captions you can see how it looks.!
Captura de Pantalla 2021-03-22 a les 13.45.23|690x370

Any idea? I double checked all classes and components and everything looks good.

Thanks in advance

Anybody has experienced something similar with the lightbox component?

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I am having the same issue! Any word on a fix?

Hi everyone! I have the same problem. Yet it seems to me that I found some hint: I realised that one of my photos actually displays in lightbox on mobile when all the rest don’t. I suspect it has something to do with it’s dimensions: it is a vertical photo and it naturally fits the vertical screen of the tablet.

Experiencing the same thing with videos. I have searched for solutions through this forum, and I can see that this issue goes way back in time! Still hasn’t been fixed… any plans on solving it webflow team?

Hey all, it’s my pleasure to pass along this message from my Webflow teammate, @Ellen_Larsson. Hope it helps.

"The reason for these issues could be due to styles that have been applied to the All Figure element that holds the Lightbox assets. For example adding border styles to the All Figure element can cause this component not to work on smaller breakpoints.

The Figure elements are also used within the Right Text Editor with inline images, so sometimes they get accidentally styled but it is best to not use styles here when using the Lightbox components, as styles here can cause conflict with the styles of the prebuilt component.

I have recorded a video here how you can investigate the All Figure element and reset any styles that might be causing issues Loom video recording "

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