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Lightbox not displaying on mobile breakpoints

I have a problem with dynamic lightbox links on mobile landscape and portrait.
While working perfectly on larger breakpoints, they don’t display at all in the smaller breakpoints - almost as if they are set to display: none
I’d really appreciate some help.

Here is my read-only link:

It would be helpful if you could share a published URL to the page, so inspection in a browser is possible. Also, topics get more traction with visuals added, illustrating the problem.

Hi @Webdev,
Here’s an example page with the lightbox element underneath the hero image.
As mentioned, the Lightbox link works perfectly in desktop & ipad-like breakpoints, only failing under approximately 768px wide.
Any help greatly appreciated.

I am not seeing the issue.

Maybe clear your browser cache? Am I looking at the wrong thing?

You are looking at the right thing.
I feel like the craziness is setting in. There’s nothing I can do to make this work - live or in preview mode. Tried cache clearing, different browsers, private mode - no joy. As soon as it goes under 768px wide, it fails.

Can I ask what device you are using?

Hi @webdev,
Sorry to bother you with this issue but I still have no solution or work-around.
I’ve tested this on multiple devices and browsers and it fails on everything, including preview.
If it’s not a bug, it must be an error at my end. Can you please tell what device you tested it on so I can continue searching for a solution.
Many thanks.