Second image in CMS lightbox gets very small on mobile devices

I have used a CMS multi image field connected with a lightbox following this tutorial.

When I open the lightbox on a mobile device the second image (and following images) gets very small. All uploaded images is the same size.

All looks good in the designer preview mode (desktop to mobile) and on the published desktop site. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?


Here is my site Read-Only

Here is a page with lightbox

On android (LG V30 - chrome) looks fine. Maybe clear mobile cache and test again.

Also try to check this issue in more devices.

Your device?
Your browser?

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Hello, @Christoffer!!

I tried to recreate this as well but it seemed to work as expected for me!


I tested on an iPhone and on a Pixel 3. Can you let me know what device you’re testing on and what version of software it’s running? Also, @Siton_Systems had some great ideas above! :webflow_heart: Looking forward to hearing back!

Hi @rileyrichter and @Siton_Systems

Tried to clear the cache, then testing with the lightbox on this link, same thing. I’m testing on a iPhone XR and X (Safari on iOS 12.3.1) and Chrome (75.0.3770.103) on same device. Have tested on Safari and Chrome on an iPhone 6 too, but this device is in my office, so not sure about the version numbers, will check tomorrow.

Screen grab from the iPhone XR.

Hi, @Christoffer!!

Thanks so much for sharing. I was able to see the same behavior on an iPhone XR. I’m digging in deeper now and will let you know as soon as I have more info! :webflow_heart:


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