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Lightbox gallery without the carousel :)

Is there a gallery option in Webflow in which there is a main big image with other smaller (sort of thumbnails) images around it or under it that would trigger when hovered-over or when clicked-on, so that the main(bigger) image would change to reflect the one being focused. This would be sort of a lightbox effect but without the carousel.

In short No. This is a more complex idea (Hard to find good examples).

Do you want to use this idea in the CMS gallery? or a simple gallery?

JS plugin: (You should know Javascript)

ctr+F “Integrate with lightGallery”

Or by swiper (Example i made in the past):

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Yup, your 2nd example is what I had in mind! :slight_smile:
That is much more intuitive for users. To me, the lightbox galleries feels like a hidden back room in Chinatown. jaja

Hi Ezra, are these galleries able to work with Webflow CMS?

Are they easy to implement?