Image gallery thumbnail changes main image

I’m sure it is possible now because I think It is pretty standard with e-commerce sites. But searching the forums I can not find an easy solution. Or is this a function only available in e-commerce galleries?

In an image gallery. Can webflow natively click/hover a thumbnail to bring up the larger image. Or would this still be achieved using tabs.

I have also used a slider image pager in the past. But hoping since the advent of webflow e-commerce there is a much simpler solution. I even think I have seen an example in a e-commerce demonstration but can’t remember where.

Thanks for any insight.

If you want to do this without JavaScript, you can give all photos their own class and then place them absolutely within a div block. In addition, you then make a list of thumbnails that you then, via transition per class, give a hover effect with oppacity and maybe size?
A bit of work.

Thank you for your response. yeah That is what I thought. I was curious if they had created a version of this for e-commerce sites that was more built in functionality. I have used cycle2 JS to do this for a real estate site. might be the quickest option rather than stacking divs and creating an interaction for each. Also to keep it CMS editable compatible.

Hi Jeremy, my client is requesting the same sort of image gallery for products. it needs to be CMS compatible also so will depend on how many thumbnail images are added, are you able to point me in the right direction regarding cycle 2 js you used, or did you work out another solution? Thanks

This is what I use. other sliders are available but I find this one just works. I haven’t tested it with multi-image fields. Someone else did and it appeared to work briefly but then stopped working. cycle JS 2 works because it is based on what is in a Div.

here is the share link

jbleroux, were you able to find a solution for this yet?

I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. I’m assuming that it means it isn’t working natively?

The closest thing I’ve been able to find for this is Pixel Geeks lightbox video >> Create CMS multi-image lightbox with captions - Webflow Tutorial (2021) - YouTube

Will post if I find/create a better solution. Looking for the exact same thing myself